Messages with value

Do you ever wanted to reach out to someone having a specific wallet address? A smart contract owner, or an NFT holder? Are you looking for a fully decentralized crypted solution for messaging? Now, you can send messages with Epigeon's courier pigeons. Everyone having a wallet can be reached out with us. Once you are connected, you can follow-up chatting in Epigeon's chat appication.

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Attention for your messages

Our Lockable tokens can be locked for the recipient's wallet during messaging. By locking Lockables, LockedCoins will appear in the recipient's wallet. LockedCoins can only be unlocked by the recipient with the received message, assuring your messages to be read.

Unique Tokens

Lockable Token is the currency of Epigeon smart contracts including Pigeons.

Lockables can be used for attention and increase the value of your message. You can lock Lockable for anyone, which can only be unlocked by a given unlock phrase you have provided.

Token: 0x41A7E62e231BAd6026B82952C78FaB6e61D96958

Tokens left to purchase

Amount to buy





Ethereum and Polygon tokens bridged between the two chains

Limited supply

Total Supply is only 10 Million tokens for all chains combined


Extra token functionality makes them unique. Learn more here

Available on OpenSea

Smart NFTs

Our currier pigeons are not only functional stand-alone smart contracts to own by you, but tradable as NFTs as well.

First series of Pigeons are out. These are the first functional Smart NFTs ever minted!
There will be several types of Pigeons to come. Look out for our Pigeon Factorys, to be the first to mint a new special pigeon.

Name Directory

Claim your unique user name

Epigeon's own Name Directory is open for the public. Anyone can register a unique user name to use not only in this dapp, but any dapp making use of our Name and Public Key directory.

End-to-end encryption

Make use of our end-to-end crypted solution for private on-chain messaging.

You can generate public-private keypairs and encrypt your message with a shared secret between you and your message recipient. Your public key will be available in our Key Directory for others to generate your shared secret.


Mobile DApp client

You can use our mobile apps to access all Epigeon blockchain functionality
Mobile apps will be available for IOS and Android

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Token deployment

Lockable and LockedCoin Token contract deployment to Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon. Creating Bridge between Token contracts

Dapp release

Epigeon main contracts deployment to Ethereum MainNet and Polygon. DApp release. Name Directory is open for public

First pigeon release

First limited series of Pigeons with Lockables out to mint. OpenSea integration to DApp

Limited token availability

Limited amount of tokens available to buy for early birds from our verified token bank smart contract

Contract address: 0x33A2c56186E76103E29539e6fC8816e5D36148eD

Simple Pigeon release

Limited amount of tokens available to buy

Epigeon V2

V2 deployment with extended registry, chat options and updates

Going Mobile

Launching Epigeon mobile app (DApp)

Additional Pigeon releases

More and more type of pigeon factories to come incl. decentralized Twitter like functions (Tweeties)

Going Multichain

Epigeon's AVAX, Binance Smart Chain release

To be continued ...