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What is Lockable Coin?

Lockable is the currency of Epigeon smart contracts including Pigeons.
Pigeons are ownable messaging apps on the blockchain. Snapchat like one-on-one crypted messaging to twitter like applications are to be owned by anyone. All apps are tokenizable and can be traded as NFTs. Lockables can be used for attention and increase the value of your message. Messages may hold Lockables as LockedCoins for the addressees. You can lock some Lockable for the addressee, which can only be unlocked by reading your message.

Token address: 0x41A7E62e231BAd6026B82952C78FaB6e61D96958

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How to unlock LockedCoins?

You might have received a Pigeon with LockedCoins to unlock. Check if pigeons have been sent to you! Your unlock phrase is the message you received. You can unlock your LockedCoins and convert it to Lockables here or directly through the pigeon.
There might be the case, that someone has locked some value for you directly. That someone should have sent your unlock phrase in this case.

token address 0x258B53983EE9Bd315a281382aa4c1f84351F113f

Coin locking

Best way is to use a pigeon.
You can lock your Lockables into LockedCoins for anyone directly as well. Be sure, that the addressee will be able to retrieve their unlock phrase in this case.
You can reclaim LockedCoins you have locked for others, which they have not been unlocked yet.

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