V2 deployed to Ethereum

@team_epigeon Sept 2, 2023

Epigeon V2 has been deployed on Ethereum Mainnet. Limited edition of pigeons available to mint


@team_epigeon Jun 15, 2023

We are airdropping some Lockable tokens before Epigeon's Ethereum v2 deployment. Send us your wallet address to contact@epigeon.org to receive some tokens!

Listing on MintMe.com

@team_epigeon Jun 12, 2023

Our Lockable token has been listed on MintMe.com. Let's trade!

Trade at MintMe.com

Smart contract update

@team_epigeon Jun 4, 2023

New smart contracts deployed for better user data control

Mobile app out in App Store

@team_epigeon Apr 11, 2023

IOS release of our mobile DApp is out.

Download on the App Store


@team_epigeon Apr 8, 2023

Mobile app out in Google Play

@team_epigeon March 30, 2023

First release of our mobile DApp is out.

Get it on Google Play

V2 deployed to Polygon

@team_epigeon Dec 31, 2022

V2 deployment finished on Polygon. Ethereum MainNet deployment follows soon.

Epigeon v2 is coming

@team_epigeon Nov 1, 2022

V2 deployment is coming with extended registry options and updates. Pigeon factories will be disabled during migration.

Internal testing of our mobile app has started

@team_epigeon Oct 24, 2022

Send an e-mail with the subject:"app testing" to contact@epigeon.org, if you want to join the internal tests of our mobile app

"Early Birds" Pool will close soon

@team_epigeon July 28, 2022

Get your pre-sale tokens before we start the trade on exchanges. Listings are in progress, price will go up from here :)

Early Birds Token Pool

@team_epigeon April 22, 2022

Special Token price set for early birds. You can get your tokens here

Simple Pigeons available

@team_epigeon April 15, 2022

Simple pigeons are available for both MainNet and Polygon. Only 0.25 MATIC to mint, 1.25 MATIC to mint as NFT. Mint one for yourself now here


@team_epigeon April 1, 2022

We are listed on dappradar, dapp.com and dapponline.io

First series of Pigeons are out

@team_epigeon March 26, 2022

100 pigeons are ready to fly! Mint one for yourself now here

Follow us on Twitter

@team_epigeon March 19, 2022

Name directory is live

team_epigeon March 15, 2022

Name directory is open to reserve your unique name. You can claim your name here

Lockables on Polygon

team_epigeon March 14, 2022

Lockable Child Token contract is live on Polygon. You can move Lockables between Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon from now on. Use Polygon's PoS bridge to deposit and withdraw Lockables

Lockables are available on Ethereum Mainnet

team_epigeon March 6, 2022

We have made some Lockable coins available on Mainnet prior full Epigeon deployment. Get some now here


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